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Join live or catch the replay of our free online workshops!

These free workshops are designed to give you quick tips and tricks you can start using right now to improve your financial health.  

The topics covered in these free workshops are an introduction to our Wealth Building Accelerator program and include growing your income so you make more money, managing your money by saving, budgeting and investing, debt management, investing and building a positive money mindset.    

What we covered :

  • Learn how to leverage the skills from your day job and hobbies so you can create new income streams (without burning out)

  • Identify which income streams are profitable and which ones are time wasters so you can start making more money this year

  • Understand which income streams should be your priority based on your lifestyle so you are set up for long-term wealth

Create Multiple Income Streams (while working full-time)

“Wealth Builder Accelerator Free Workshop”

What we covered : 

In this free workshop, we covered the steps to financial freedom so you’re never broke again and can start building wealth for future generations. 

  • Creating a budget that keeps you on track to build wealth   

  • Develop a savings strategy you’ll actually be able to stick to, so you can achieve your short and long-term financial goals

  • Managing and reducing different types of debt 

  • Understanding investing and knowing what investments to buy

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