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In this module, you'll learn how to invest intelligently so that the money you have goes to work for you to build lasting wealth. This module is beginner-friendly and takes a step-by-step approach to explaining all things investing and how to invest. By the end of this module you’ll be able to : ⦁ Know what investments to buy - We’ll demystify different investment products so you can invest like you actually know what you’re doing - because you will. ⦁ Avoid losing money in the stock market​​​​​​​ - All the tools you need so you can overcome your investing fears, avoid mistakes that cost people MILLIONS, and actually get rich. ⦁ Start investing with just $20 - I will walk you step by step on how to choose a brokerage company, open an account, buy a stock or invest in a fund with just $20, so you can start investing today. ⦁ Start building your investment portfolio based on your personal circumstances, risk tolerance and financial goals so you can grow your wealth over time and secure your ideal financial future ⦁ Be able to determine for yourself what makes an investment “good” through understanding important investment principles.

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