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In this module, you’ll learn to become excellent at managing your money through budgeting and saving so that you don’t lose all the money you make but instead, use it to live a fulfilling life that makes you happy. You’ll also learn how to manage debt and get out of the debt spiral. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to ⦁ Know what your financial goals are so you can prioritize them in line with your aspirations you can start creating a personalised strategy to build your dream life. ⦁ Create a budget that keeps you on track to build wealth but allows you joy so that you can reach your financial goals while still enjoying the life you live ⦁ Develop a savings strategy you’ll actually be able to stick to, build an emergency fund, achieve your short and long-term financial goals, start investing and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're financially prepared for life's uncertainties. ⦁ Manage and reduce different types of debt so you can regain control of your finances, eliminate stress and anxiety, and work toward a debt-free future filled with greater financial freedom.

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